why do people hire OLIPHANT GOLF to help operate their golf courses?

Simply put, people hire us, and renew our long-term contracts, because we help them to achieve better results with their golf businesses than they could otherwise achieve on their own. OGM provides management solutions to fit exactly what you need- not more, not less. We use our experiences gained at multiple properties, year over year, to deliver great outcomes for all of our clients.

Our Services

OGM provides uncommon capabilities in the long-term management and improvement of golf properties. Our contracts range from golf course maintenance only, to accounting and marketing, to general management, and full leasing of golf operations. Services include: 

Course Maintenance • General Management • Accounting solutions • administration & hr • marketing • communications • Master Planning • project management • consulting

Our success is not based on theory or high-minded management talk…we simply work hard, employ sound business practices, and take care of our people. OGM’s overriding principle is that ‘every day is important’- meaning we appreciate the urgency of each day of the golfing season, and we get more done. 

Please contact us if you'd like to talk about a winning management solution for your golf property. 

Several years ago, we handed over full operational responsibilities to Oliphant, including the Pro Shop and the Restaurant. We saw an immediate and lasting positive impact on the customer experience and also on revenue. Of great importance to us is the fact the Senior Team are top quality people who strive for excellence, but also have fun and have a strong sense of stewardship as they care for our courses.
— Ben Mott, President and CEO, Greenlake Conference Center and The Golf Courses of Lawsonia

Stevens Point Country Club, #17

Stevens Point Country Club, #17

Our Mission

OGM provides straight-forward, objective guidance and strong leadership in golf operations, course maintenance, and master planning. We help our clients to build and grow sustainable golf businesses and we contribute, through golf, to making the communities we work in better places to live. 

We achieve this mission by:

  • Providing the necessary vision, resources, and hard work to deliver great golf experiences, every day

  • Structuring each contract to meet our client’s specific needs

  • Working efficiently and achieving profitable results for our clients and our company

  • Caring deeply for, and taking a keen interest in, the game of golf, its history and its golf courses

  • Providing safe, healthy and fun workplaces where excellence is rewarded